"I highly recommend Dr. Vicmary Kritharis. You will be very pleased! She is a truly unique, kind, friendly, respectful, considerate and gentle doctor.

I underwent a very extensive dental work by Dr. Vicmary at another office, including gum surgery to correct gum recession and upper front crowns. It may sound simple but this was MAJOR dental work. I could not recommend Dr. Vicmary highly enough after all the exceptional quality delivered through her work. I am not the easiest patient as I greatly dread the dentist chair, however Dr. Vicmary put me at ease since day one!

In all fairness I admit that I decided to get this major dental work done because of her gentle approach. My experience was always pain free and I could not be happier with the final results. Finally my teeth feel completely healthy again and my smile was transformed.

I would give her more stars but they only have 5."

- Lena M.

"Love, love, love, Dr.Vicmary work, she’s kind and sweet, and does an amazing work ! I had a baby tooth (canine) which made me not like my smile . After seeing her and let her know my problem she was more than happy to fix my smile . Now I can’t stop showing my smile !! Thank you Dr.Vicmary"

- Darielys G.

"Dr. Vicmary and staff were excellent. I have been looking for a new dentist for over a year. She was very gentle and gave me the least painful cleaning i've ever had. No wait and easy appointment "

- Christian C.

"My dental 'friends' for over twenty years! A great staff - everyone is pleasant, professional and caring. Jessica, the hygienist, keeps me laughing through the whole cleaning!"

- Ursula B.

"Dr. Nick and Dr. Vicmary are awesome.I am a returned customer now and do all my dental work there.

Both of them are very detailed, friendly and listen to their patients. All staff are very nice. They do all the work, deal with insurance and explains everything in details.Definitely recommend without even thinking."

- Mahmoud H.

"Dr. Vicmary Kritharis is amazing. I just moved to the area and was skeptical about which dentist I was going to go to. Had a root canal done and few cavities filled, didn't feel a thing. She did a great job."

- Mychal R.

"Nutley Family Dentistry offers such a warm and welcoming environment! All of the staff members take extra time to get to know you on a personal level in order to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant experience."

- Kristin P.

"All the doctors and staffs are truly professional, courteous, and friendly. I always enjoy my time here; I definitely recommend it."

- Henry T.

"The dentists and entire dental team at Nutley Family Denistry are great! The Dr. Kritharis' are both technically outstanding and also very compassionate. I was very impressed with how much time they took with me and were very thorough in explaining everything in easy/simple terms. Overall, I could not be happier with the care they provide at Nutely; I recommend this practice very highly and without any reservation."

- Andrew E.

"Dr. Kritharis was excellent! I had had a root canal done at NYU, but was still feeling pain because it was not done properly. Dr. Kritharis diagnosed it correctly and fixed the problem. Everyone was caring and courteous and the cost was very reasonable. I will keep coming back for my dental care!"

- Brea P.

"What a pleasant experience! The doctors are great both in terms of their skill and their welcoming personalities. Dr. Nick and Vicmary Kritharis are so talented and their honest feedback is much appreciated and helpful. Going to the dentist is no longer a chore-- it's actually an enjoyable experience here... Try it out!"

- Nicole U.

"The women here are so awesome. 100%."

- Stephen M.

"Thank you to Dr. Nik who always takes care of my teeth when I have an emergency!"

- Erika S.

"Had a cleaning and filling done by Dr Vicmary and her staff. Tremendous job and couldn't have been more comfortable throughout the process."

- Robert G.

"The most professionally qualified and friendly service. A must if you need dental work."

- Pam H.

“I just had the best 90 minutes in a Dentist's office I have ever had.

I had a tooth pulled (a back lower molar), it was painless and at a fair price. I was living in pain with an exposed nerve for weeks. I sent a request for an appointment at 3am, and was called the next morning. The wife, Dr. Vicmary Kritharis was informative and efficient. I highly recommend this Dentist office. They will care about you, too!

- Rob D.

“I really have enjoyed the work and the commitment of your practice. You make coming to a dentist less painful with your humor and you’re not bad to look at either. My teeth look and feel great! ”

— Dorothy P.

“Needless to say, all our family have you and your staff in high esteem and enjoyed your professional style over these many years.”

— Theresa H.

“I thank you so much Doc and staff. You made me feel like family. I had lots of work done, and my bridge is quite beautiful. If you could believe a bridge could be. I am thankful for your patience and care from the Dr. to the staff. Jason and I will keep you all in our prayers. God bless you all. Thank you so much!”

— Elaine M.

“Thank you all for your most-appreciated care and professional expertise during the necessary dental work this year!”

— Charles B.

“Dear Doc, you are truly a professional and the best in the field. You made it easier for me to smile. I appreciate all you’ve done and the professionalism of your staff.”

— Dori F.

“Thank you, Doctor for the wonderful care you’ve given me over the years. From your pain free dentistry to your great office and dental staff, it has been a pleasurable experience. I remember the time when I had to call you out of hours and you took care of my dental problem. Thanks also for your care, for your patience and for being a great guy. Best wishes to you and your family.”

— Gene D.

“Thank you for being so patient with me. I don’t know where I would be without such an amazing Dentist and your staff. Everyone is so kind and helpful. I appreciate all you have done and am thankful for having someone so trusting.”

— Meghan D.